Brown Formula Racing

We comprise of about 20 students with the single goal of maufacturing an FSAE spec racecar to compete at the FSAE Michigan International Speedway event each year. I am currently the suspension lead on the team.
Clutch Handle Redesign
The first design project I was assigned (with 2 other students) was to redesign the clutch handle. Previous designs tended to buckle under regular loads. Using Solidworks and FEA, we designed a lighweight aluminium handle that provided decent mechanical advantage while remaining within the geomtric constraints of the chasis.
Impact Attenuator Testing
The impact attenuator (IA) is a structure that is placed at the front of the vehicle to absorb energy in case of impact. As part of competition requirements, we had to demonstrate our IA's ability to do this. I built the test IA that was used to record this data (as shown in images on the left)

J-Bar Inserts
One of my first projects when learning how to use a manual lathe was manufacturing inserts for the 'J-bar'. The 'J'bar' refers to a bar with welded inserts which allows the pedalbox to assume different positions to accomodate for different drivers.
Computer Builds
This year, we decided to replace three of our computers with brand new hardware including Quadro P2000 GPUs, 16 GB RAM, and brand new motherboards & cpus. I built all three of these computers which now function as CAD computers used to run simulations and model designs.

2022 Season Summary
This was my first year with the formula racing team at Brown. I came to the team with no machining experience and was taught by upperclassmen. My first semester I spent working on small, new member projects which varied week by week. I spent time machining link caps, and inserts, working on the test impact attenuator, the wiring harness, and designing the clutch handle. During the second semester, I was put in charge of machining and assembling the suspension elements of the car. This involved primarily manufacturing the wheel flanges, assembling the wheel packages, and tuning the suspension of the car in order to maximize driveability. Throughout the semester, I also rebuilt the team's three computers enabling faster processing and CAD modeling for future years to come.

2023 Suspension Design

As the suspension lead this season, it is my job to simulate, design and manufacture all suspension related components. I primarily used OptimumK and Solidworks for the design of the 2023 car.
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2022 Wheel Package Manufacture & Assembly

Manufacturing process of the 2022 wheel flanges for the wheel packages.
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