My name is Rehaan Irani, and I am currently a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at Brown University. I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, grew up in New Delhi & Singapore, and am now based here in Providence, RI.  My fields of interest include vehicle dynamics and fluid mechanics.

I am passionate about making, whether that be through CAD, machining, electronics, etc:  you'll always be able to find me in the Brown Design Workshop (BDW) either working as a maker space monitor, building race cars as part of Brown's Formula Racing (FSAE) team, or tinkering away on personal projects.

On this website, I not only share the work that I am proud of but also the mishaps and processes behind each project/piece. This is a collection of products, parts, and moments that have defined my journey thus far.

Brown University, Providence, RI, USA, August 2021 - Present
Mechanical Engineering (Sc.B) (4.0/4.0 GPA)
Relevant Coursework (Fall 2022): Fluid Mechanics, Material Science, Design of Mechanical Assemblies, Ordinary Differential Equations

United World College of South East Asia (East Campus), Singapore, August 2015 - May 2021
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) & International Baccalaureate (IB) (43/45 Points)
· IB: HL Design Technology, Physics, and Mathematics (AA); SL Economics, Language & Literature, and Spanish
· IGCSE: Mathematics, Systems & Controls, Coordinated Science (Double), Enterprise, Additional mathematics, English Language,English World Studies, Global Perspectives, Edexcel Spanish (8x A*, 2x A)

● 2022 Hack@Brown Best Climate Hack Award (100 USD Award)
● 2020 Hyundai & KIA Smart City Challenge - 1st Place (4000 SGD Award)
● 2019 NYAA Silver Award (Singapore Gov't)
● 2018 Technopreneurs Grand Champions (10000 SGD Award)

Breuer Lab (Brown University), Providence, RI, USA - Undergraduate Researcher, May 2022 - Present
● Currently conducting research on improving the efficiency of wind turbines with the addition of a gurney flap
● Constructing a PIV calibration system for high speed cameras in wind tunnel experiments
● Helping machine and assemble components for other relevant projects in the lab

TerraBite (, Singapore - Co-Founder, February 2020 - August 2021
● Co-founded a business with a friend to sell sustainable alternatives to plastic cutlery and packaging (an issue made more pressing by Covid-19 because restaurants could only sell food via takeaway orders)
● Have acquired small clients around Singapore and are currently in talks with larger hotel groups
● Developed relationships with suppliers in China to design and manufacture sustainable packaging; procured material from them

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - Intern, July 2019 - August 2019
● Worked on the development of Autonomous Vehicles, researching sensors and their applications
● Developed several reports on sensor technology and software

Brown Formula Racing, Suspension Lead, September 2021 - Present
● Design and manufacture multiple parts of the suspension (flanges, uprights, link caps, bellcranks, etc.)
● Responsible for all vehicle dynamics calculations and justifications
● Design and simulate suspension geometry and setup
● Teach new members the basics of suspension, design, and machining (instructor)

Brown Design Workshop, Monitor, January 2022 - Present
● Currently teach electronics, metal, advnaced wood, and 3D printing workshops to the community
● Maintain a clean and tidy space in the workshop (BDW)
● Responsible for helping members in the workshop with their personal/school projects
● Received advanced training on all relevant machinery

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - ENGN40 Dynamics & Vibrations
● Responsible for holding office hours to help teach and explain concepts to students
● Work on preparing projects for the class (solar car, vibration isolator, mass launcher) 

Interests: physics, engineering, sustainability, energy, entrepreneurship, industrial design, and machining.
Relevant Skills: Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Eagle, Solidworks, 2 & 3 Axis CNC mills/lathes, Machine Shop trained, MATLAB

Undergraduate Coursework

A list of ongoing and completed courses that I have taken during my time at Brown University.

● ENGN0030 - Introduction to Engineering
● ENGN0090 - Management of Industrial and Nonprofit Organisations
● CSCI0170 - Integrated Introduction to Computer Science
● MATH0200 - Multivariable Calculus
● ENGN0040 - Dynamics and Vibrations
● ENGN1930C - Design Studio
● PHYS0160 - Introduction to Quantum Physics & Relativity
● MTII - Mechanical Technology (Machine Shop)
● MATH0520 - Linear Algebra

*Indicates a course in progress

● APMA0350 - Ordinary Differential Equations
● ENGN0810 - Fluid Mechanics
● ENGN0410 - Material Science
● ENGN1931D - Design of Mechanical Assemblies
● ENGL0900 - Critical Reading & Writing
● ENGN0720* - Thermodynamics
● ENGN0520* - Circuits & Signals
● ENGN1740* - Computer Aided Visualization & Design
● APMA0360* - Partial Differential Equations